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Radiation monitoring system of the personnel contamination at the exit to the «SEMIKHODY» railway platform

Integrated system for radiation monitoring of the personnel contamination (hereinafter – the System) was developed, manufactured and implemented in 2007 by Ukratominstruments Corporation in the framework of the Contract with SSE “ChNPP” for providing centralized control of non-proliferation of radioactive materials by personnel of ChNPP and contracting organizations when exiting to the platform of «Semikhody» station.

The System provides:

  • radiation monitoring of contamination of clothes’ surfaces and open skin areas with beta-radioactive radionuclides;
  • informing operating personnel at the dosimeter control posts (DCP) and system operator when exceeding the determined contamination control levels with light and sound alarm signals (with video snapshots from the unit where the operation came off) and passage-way blocking;
  • collection and transfer to the central server of the information on technical status of measuring devices (connection availability, counters’ status, their contamination, etc.), performance of automated diagnostics and remote-controlled set-up of the threshold levels;
  • data base and corresponding video information maintenance;
  • representation of the video information on passing the control procedure by the personnel; recording video snapshots in case of threshold level exceeding, violations of passing the control procedure and attempts of intervention in the system;


  • radiation contamination control of the personnel with restriction of its passage in case of the controlled parameters exceeding;
  • centralized control of the controlled parameters exceeding, automatic record of such events with video snapshots of the person causing such exceeding (enables to carry out investigation of disputable situations during and after control performance);
  • remote control in the real-time mode of the detailed technical status of the system equipment;
  • record of the personnel number passing the control;
  • data base availability for statistical analysis.

The System is capable of extension by adding new control and adaptation points of the software in future.

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