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admin 24 October, 2018

Citizens of Oster city were provided with heat without prevarication or delays

Since 2015, Ukratominstruments Corporation, being a member of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program with the territorial community of Oster city of Chernihiv region for the production and supply of thermal energy, has re-equipped the local boiler house by installing solid

Николай Клёц 18 October, 2018

“Ukratominstruments” Corporation keeps on studying technologies for the LRW solidification.

On October 11, specialists of “Ukratominstruments” Corporation together with colleagues from CHEMCOMEX (Czech Republic) took part in a meeting of the Council of Deputy Chief Engineers of Nuclear Power Plants of Ukraine, whose competence is the radioactive waste management. The

admin 10 October, 2018

Public workshops for the staff of the industrial site of the former PA “PCP” were held in Kamensky

On September 25, the Corporation delegation took an active part in holding the seminar on the implementation of the European Commission project “Emergency measures on liquidation of the emergency condition of the industrial site of the former uranium production of

About us

Founded in 2003, "Ukrainian Atom Instruments and Systems" (Ukratominstruments) corporation carries on mission to prevent the harmful effects of radioactive substances and ionizing radiation on the environment and humans. Corporate headquarters is located in Kiev, Ukraine.

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Стратегічною метою корпорації є комплексне облаштування промислових підприємств і організацій, що охоплює повний цикл робіт від початку проектування до технічного супроводу в процесі експлуатації. Ми досягаємо поставлених цілей за рахунок: реалізації тільки практично відпрацьованих організаційно -економічних рішень на всіх етапах

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Останні прокети

Корпорація "Укратомприлад" має у своєму активі успішно реалізовані проекти у різних сферах діяльності

Центр управління перевезеннями радіоактивних матеріалів

Центр управління перевезеннями радіоактивних матеріалів

Корпорація « Укратомприлад » є розробником Центру управління перевезеннями радіоактивних матеріалів автомобільним транспортом (ЦУП РМ) по території України . Даний проект фінансується з боку Окриджської національної лабораторії, США. Кінцевим користувачем ЦУП РМ є Державна корпорація « Українське державне об’єднання «Радон»

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Our Services

For UAP innovation is the engine of sustainable growth, which is achieved through research and advanced practices of introducing new advanced technologies and tools in the market of Ukraine and abroad.

Services of Measurement Laboratory for radiation and environmental monitoring

The laboratory is certified in accordance with the Law of Ukraine «On metrology and metrological activity» and conducts activities under the laws of Ukraine

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Software Development

The team consists of qualified experts experienced in program development from embedded-level to windows and web- applications.

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Поставка технологічного обладнання різного призначення

У нас Ви можете замовити будь яку продукцію з каталогів Polimaster, ATOMTEX та Instantel!

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Engeneering works

Виконання проектних робіт різної складності

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Corporate philosophy is “Clean future for our children”. We are improving with each new project in order to improve the quality of services for our clients. Cooperation with the JSO, STCU, SNRIU, financial institutions, European Commission, EBRD, NEFCO, World Bank allowed us to accumulate experience in various fields of activity and improve the quality of works according to the standards of Ukraine and EU. The team of Ukratominstruments Corporation consists of experts with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of the corporation's activities, that guarantees insomuch the high quality of work performance for clients.


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Our Testimonials

what our clients says about us...?

The work was carried out in accordance with the current rules and regulations, according to the terms of reference and the terms of the contract, with the appropriate quality and in a timely manner. We hope for our further cooperation.

Director of DSP "TsPPVV"

Melnichenko V.P.

Employees of the corporation “Ukratomprilad” have demonstrated a high level of qualification and responsibility. All works were carried out on a high professional level, qualitatively and in due time. We look forward to further mutual cooperation with your company.

Director of KP "Teplostostachannya mista Odesi"

Reichtman Y.I.

All works were performed qualitatively and in terms of the contract. In the shortest possible time there were solved questions, demonstrated high level of professionalism, clear execution and understanding of the importance of tasks.

General Director of "Smilaenergopromtrans Ltd."

Pilipov V.F.

Separately we can note the high level of professionalism of the specialists of the corporation “Ukratomprilador” both in terms of technical competence and in terms of understanding the requirements of the Customer, which contributed to the successful and timely implementation of all project tasks.

Head of Capital Construction Department of Uman City Council

Zagorodniy V.B.

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