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On March 28, 2019, “Ukratominstruments” Corporation held a technical meeting of the Working Group under the Project U4.01/14C (Safety Assessment of Radioactive Waste Management Sites of ‘Radon’).

On March 28, 2019, a regular technical meeting of the U4.01 / 14C Project Working Group took place with the participation of representatives of the consortium and a wide range of stakeholders, namely: the Beneficiary, the State Agency for the Exclusion Zone Managements (SAUMEZ), the End User – the State Corporation “Ukrainian State Association “Radon” (SC “Ukr SA”Radon”), the State Interregional Specialized Plants (SISP), which are part of the SC “Ukr SA”Radon”, with participation of technical experts, Key and Non-key project experts (from “Ukratominstruments” Corporation, Brenk, DMT and Plejades), experts of the JSO, Joint Support Office, Regulator’s Representatives, and other stakeholders of the project.

The technical meeting summed up the work on the implementation of Task 2 Project U4.01/14C, namely, the analysis of input data for safety assessment and the development of typical technical solutions, and outlined the main directions of work for the current and future Project Tasks to coordinate the further steps.

The following presentations were presented to the attention of the participants:

  • General characteristics and key features of the existing situation at SISP sites;
  • Sufficiency of available input data for the project purposes;
  • Recommendations regarding possible ways of acquiring missing data;
  • Preliminary analysis of uncertainties and their impact on safety assessments and development of standard technical solutions under the project;
  • Results of previously implemented or on-going national and international projects;
  • Analysis of a set of specialized computer codes used by SC UkrSA Radon for safety assessment;
  • Preliminary conclusion for measures at the SISP sites;
  • Analysis of the project risks;
  • Next project steps related to Task 3: Comprehensive Safety Assessment and Task 5: Standardized Technical Solution: Recommendations.

Therefore, based on the results of consideration and discussion of the available summary information from the Consultant, Priorities for Beneficiaries and End Users, the exchange of preliminary results, the main objective of the technical meeting of the project was successfully achieved – a clear definition of the next steps to foster the project implementation. The technical meetings initiated by the “Ukratominstruments” Corporation are an effective tool for ensuring the consideration of each expert’s opinion and the formation and implementation of a joint strategy for the successful implementation of each of the further Project Tasks. Consequently, the corporation is approaching the process of organizing and holding joint technical meetings with all seriousness.

The materials of the technical meeting form the basis of the drafted Task 2 Report, which has already been forwarded to the Beneficiary and the End User for consideration and approval.

Recall that the overall objectives of this international technical assistance project are:

  • Implementation of comprehensive safety assessments for the five SISP of SC “Ukr SA”Radon” (Kiev, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa and Lviv SISP) and determination of the current condition of the “problematic” storages;
  • Transfer of sustainable capability to the SC “Ukr SA”Radon” in safety assessment by conducting qualified training for designated End-user specialists, both in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Design of remediation measures for problematic storages located at five End user sites: developing the report with typical technical solutions, Remediation roadmap, related design documentation and safety case and subsequent Regulator approval.

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