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Аutomated radiation monitoring arms in chernobyl exclusion zone

Within the TACIS project U4.01/03S in the period from January 2006 to June 2007, “Ukratominstruments” corporation has introduced a new modernized automated radiation monitoring system (ARMS) in Chernobyl exclusion zone.

ARMS fulfils functions of operational radiation monitoring of atmospheric boundary layer and consists of:

  • GammaTRACER sensors with autonomous power supply for measuring EDR of gamma-radiation;
  • SkyLINK system for automatic data collection from EDR sensors via radio-channel;
  • sampling equipment for measuring radioactive aerosols concentration in the air – AURA-02 aeration devices;
  • equipment for monitoring the activity of radioactive iodides, alpha- and beta-active nuclides in the real-time mode (aerosol monitoring post);
  • meteorological station for forecasting  the progress of radiation situation;
  • software for data collection and processing, equipment management, data storage and forecast of the radiation situation;
  • external electronic display for demonstration in Chernobyl of EDR values at the ChEZ posts for ChEZ workers and visitors, crisis center equipment, satellite internet connection.


  • unique SkyLINK wireless communication system with data transmission via independent radio-channel at the distance up to 100 km;
  • GammaTRACER sensors: full autonomy, power supply from built-in batteries for up to 5 years, measurement memory up to 3 years.

Principles that lie in basis of the ARMS development (autonomy, self-descriptiveness, reliability, low operating costs) are of current interest not only for ChEZ, but also when creating other similar territorial and regional systems of radiation ecological monitoring.

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