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Wood Incinerator

Incinerator for burning radioactive-contaminated wood


Reduction of the amount of dry wood in Chernobyl exclusion zone (ChEZ) is aimed at reducing the risk of fires in the area and preventing radioactive pollution from the combustion products of radioactively contaminated wood.


Incinerator (boiler) is designed to burn radioactively contaminated wood in Chernobyl exclusion zone and for thermal power generation.


In the framework of the project, the existing modern wood burning technologies and technologies for treatment of radioactively contaminated ash and removal of contaminated combustion products from the flue gases were tested and implemented. The experience gained during the construction of the biomass incinerator will be used in the construction of other burning plants with higher performance. Energy obtained from burning dry wood will be used to power the existing local heating systems of ChEZ.


Incinerator for burning radioactive-contaminated wood is equipped with the system of dustless (dry) ash removal from the boiler and the system of dustless air-conditioning of radioactively contaminated ash.


This incinerator is the first one in Ukraine. It`s a demonstration project, as result of which more powerful boiling plants will be built.


Базова версія котла КВм(а) 2,0-01, встановлюваного в котельні (інсинераторі)

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