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Citizens of Oster city were provided with heat without prevarication or delays

Since 2015, Ukratominstruments Corporation, being a member of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program with the territorial community of Oster city of Chernihiv region for the production and supply of thermal energy, has re-equipped the local boiler house by installing solid fuel boilers and building a new heat pipeline division. This year, the Corporation successfully completed all the necessary measures to prepare the boiler house and heating networks of the city for operation in the new heating season 2018-2019.
According to the order of the Oster City Council Executive Committee No. 71-p dated October 12, 2018 “On the Commencement of the Heating Season 2018-2019” and in accordance with the requirements of sanitary and temperature standards, Ukratominstruments Corporation began to supply heat to the premises of budgetary organizations, schools, hospitals and residential properties of Oster on October 16, 2018.
Let us remember that in the framework of the preparatory activities, Ukratominstruments Corporation previously executed the following works:
– replacement of 65 meters of old network pipes;
– maintenance operations of the heat pipeline (cleaning of wells, tightening of bolted connections, seal tamping, etc.) and its hydraulic tests;
– water-chemical washing of boilers.

“Ukratominstruments” Corporation keeps on studying technologies for the LRW solidification.

On October 11, specialists of “Ukratominstruments” Corporation together with colleagues from CHEMCOMEX (Czech Republic) took part in a meeting of the Council of Deputy Chief Engineers of Nuclear Power Plants of Ukraine, whose competence is the radioactive waste management. The meeting was held on the basis of the State Enterprise “NAEC “Energoatom” “Scientific-Technical Center” in Odessa.

The main purpose of participation in the meeting was the presentation of technology, equipment and experience of the work on immobilization of the filter materials and sludge using geopolymeric matrix of the CHEMCOMEX Company. Experts of nuclear power plants highly appreciated the experience of the works provided and considered the possibility of introducing this technology at Ukrainian NPPs.

CHEMCOMEX is a Czech company that provides integrated engineering services in the field of nuclear energy. In particular, the specialists of CHEMCOMEX have developed and implemented the technology for LRW solidification at nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

Public workshops for the staff of the industrial site of the former PA “PCP” were held in Kamensky

On September 25, the Corporation delegation took an active part in holding the seminar on the implementation of the European Commission project “Emergency measures on liquidation of the emergency condition of the industrial site of the former uranium production of the Pridneprovsky Chemical Plant (PCP) in Kamensky, Dnipropetrovsk region.

This enterprise was launched in 1948 and uranium for the first Soviet atomic bomb was obtained at its facilities. Uranium salts from uranium ores and their concentrates delivered from the republics of the USSR, the CMEA countries, France and Spain have been extracted there until 1991. A feature of the facility is that its activities took place in an atmosphere of special secrecy, and only in 2001 it became possible to obtain primary information about the environmental situation on the site. For the same reason, as of today there is no legal and technical documentation with respect to the management of radioactive waste generated during the period of its most active operation and storage in the so-called tailings at the territory of the enterprise. At the same time, the first such storages did not even have a special waterproofing protection and were located in the floodplain of the Dnieper.

In this way, a year ago, under the guidance of the European Commission, the project “Emergency measures on liquidation of the emergency condition of the industrial site of the former uranium production of the Pridneprovsky Chemical Plant” was launched. The project is funded for 3.5 million euros, and the consortium under the auspices of the Swedish company Facilia AB, which included the “Ukratominstruments” corporation, was established for its implementation.

The objective of the seminar held in September was to achieve one of the key objectives of this EU project, namely, training employees of enterprises located on the territory of the former PCP of the rules, methods and means of minimizing the harmful effects of radiation on the human body, which are still present on the industrial site of the former PCP. The leading speaker of the event was a Key expert of the “Facilia” consortium Eric Gaulle, who outlined the importance of the project, aimed primarily at ensuring the safety of the population of the region.

Experts Sergey Tomusyak and Alexander Pushkash were speakers on behalf of “Ukratominstruments” corporation. The presenters of the “Ukratominstruments” corporation noted the presence of a unique long-term practical experience of the Corporation’s specialists in the field of nuclear and radiation safety, in engineering support of large-scale and long-term projects to ensure nuclear safety of territories, first of all – in the exclusion zone of Chernobyl NPP. It was emphasized that these factors will be the key to provide the effective work of the entire Consortium, a guarantee of high-quality implementation of an international EU project and, ultimately, achieving the goals of a global improvement of the environmental situation in one of the problematic industrial regions of Ukraine.

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