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Software Development

Since 2006, Information Technology Center operates as a part of Ukratominstruments. The team consists of qualified experts experienced in program development from low level to windows and web- applications.
We have extensive experience in the creation of complex systems:
  • Websites of any complexity;
  • Programs for automate accounting, management, business automation;
  • Large databases, multi-user databases: customers, products, services, etc.;
  • Specialized utilities (services, drivers);
  • Management and control systems using external sensors, cameras, etc.;
  • Analytical programs and forecasting software.
We offer:
  • Our advice and assistance in preparation of technical specifications for software product in case you have difficulties to set up the problem as a whole;
  • Programs for accounting, management or business automation;
  • Adaptation and customization of software kernel for further independent additions and changes of software components by your employees;
  • Filling the website with content provided by your experts and licking it into shape required for publication on the Internet;
  • Conduction of express-training for your employees so they could amend the informational content of your software by themselves.
We are interested in very close further cooperation and development of your project!
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