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Detection of radioactive substances and nuclear materials

Within the program on prevention of weapons of mass destruction, radioactive substances and nuclear materials proliferation, the following actions are performed by Ukratominstruments Corporation:

  • interaction with enforcement agencies of Ukraine, Ministry of Emergency Situations, State Environmental Inspectorate and others with regard to provision of technical, methodical and methodological support;
  • production and supply of the equipment for detection, localization and identification of radioactive substances and nuclear materials;
  • organization and conduction of the working trainings, seminars and lectures for specialists and personnel of the Border Guard Service of Ukraine and State Ecology Inspectorate to optimize the border control;
  • development, production and supply of new, up to-date «turn-key» technical means for detection of non-authorized transportation of radioactive substances and nuclear materials;
  • provision of integrated supply (project design, mounting, commissioning, service maintenance, personnel training) of stationary radiation portal monitors;
  • active participation in the international projects and programs on nonproliferation of the nuclear weapon and nuclear materials;
  • participation in the «International program of assistance to Ukraine on nonproliferation of the weapons of mass destruction» of October 25, 1993 with regard to technical instrumentation of the check-points.

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