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Reconstruction of the boiler house in Ternopil is proceeding

Salute you, dear Sirs!

Hence, elections are coming and going on, presidents and governments are changing, politicians are in vain trying adopt fateful laws, but among this turbulent symphony there is the invincible boulder, namely “Ukratominstruments” Corporation, which works under the project of transferring Boiler-house to a biofuel in the beautiful city of Ternopil (14A, Kupchinsky Street)! This project is international and is funded by the Northern Environmental Finance Corporation (NEFCO) and the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida).

Thus, under the guidance of experienced specialists of the Corporation at this time it is completed the installation of:
– Automatic and mechanical fuel storage (by the way, worthwhile to show the tourists, because the volume of the reservoir – 150 m3);
– automated transport of fuel;
– flue gas cleaning and ash removal (Fine city – Fine ecology);
– pneumatic impulse cleaning of the surface convection of the boiler (as it is XXI century).

As always, the Corporation’s business card is traditionally strict observance of safety standards at the facility.

Boiler reconstruction project in Ternopil is a pilot, because the conversion of gas boilers in biofuel without changing design has not been enforced in Ukraine. Thus, the pilot project will be another interesting benefit of “Ukratominstruments” Corporation and against the background of the state program to reduce gas consumption by renewable energy will have a chance to continue…

Therefore, unlike the political news, we are always going according to plan! So follow the publications on our site!

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