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“Ukratominstruments” specialists further visited the remaining radioactive waste management facility Lviv SISP of SC “Ukr SA “Radon”

On March 2019, the “Ukratominstruments” corporation and international consortium experts of the EC Project U4.01/14C “Comprehensive Safety Assessment of Radioactive Waste Management Sites operated by State Corporation “Ukrainian State Association ‘Radon’ and Design of Remediation for Specific Facilities”, finalized the visits to separate RAW management facilities that are thepart of the State Corporation” Ukrainian State Association “Radon” (hereinafter – the SC “Ukr SA “Radon”), by carrying out the visit to the Lviv SISP.

Therefore, the priorities for all project participants and stakeholders in the framework of Task 2 Project performance are implemented in full. In its turn, this has ensured a gradual transition to the implementation of the following, no less important Project Objectives, namely, the Comprehensive Safety Assessment and the development of a Standardized Project Technical Solution.
Purpose of Lviv SISP visit is familiarization with the key features of the existing situation on the radioactive waste management on the SISP’s sites in order to summarize the results and verify the adequacy of the data and documents available, make recommendations and conclusions on the measures that are to be implemented to the extent priority, as well as – to conduct preliminary analysis of uncertainties and their impact on future safety assessments and development of standard technical solutions within the project.

The attention of specialists in particular was focused on the study of:

  • Engineering-geological characteristics of problematic RAW sites
  • Physical-geographical characteristics of the territory
  • Particularities of the use of land resources located in the sanitary protection zone
  • Demographic data of the nearest settlements
  • Technical condition of the Liquid Radioactive Waste (LRW) storages Solid Radioactive Waste (SRW) storages, and other facilities of the Radon SISP
  • Nuclide condition of radioactive waste storages
  • Basic technological processes
  • as well as obtaining general information about problematic RW Lviv SISP sites.

The collected data have become a significant contribution to the development of the of the Task 2 Project Technical Report which is already sent to the End User and the Beneficiary for consideration and approval.

FYI: the overall objective of this international technical assistance project is to implement comprehensive safety assessments for five specialized facilities of the State Corporation “Ukrainian State Association ‘Radon’ and to develop measures for rehabilitation and remediation for problematic storages.

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