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Citizens of Oster city were provided with heat without prevarication or delays

Since 2015, Ukratominstruments Corporation, being a member of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program with the territorial community of Oster city of Chernihiv region for the production and supply of thermal energy, has re-equipped the local boiler house by installing solid fuel boilers and building a new heat pipeline division. This year, the Corporation successfully completed all the necessary measures to prepare the boiler house and heating networks of the city for operation in the new heating season 2018-2019.
According to the order of the Oster City Council Executive Committee No. 71-p dated October 12, 2018 “On the Commencement of the Heating Season 2018-2019” and in accordance with the requirements of sanitary and temperature standards, Ukratominstruments Corporation began to supply heat to the premises of budgetary organizations, schools, hospitals and residential properties of Oster on October 16, 2018.
Let us remember that in the framework of the preparatory activities, Ukratominstruments Corporation previously executed the following works:
– replacement of 65 meters of old network pipes;
– maintenance operations of the heat pipeline (cleaning of wells, tightening of bolted connections, seal tamping, etc.) and its hydraulic tests;
– water-chemical washing of boilers.

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