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Quality policy

The mission of “UKRAINIAN ATOM INSTRUMENTS AND SYSTEMS” CORPORATION is to ensure sustainable economic growth and technical development of the Society in order to achieve and maintain the reputation of a supplier of competitive products in the context of the internal and external markets.

The quality of the quality management system’s products and processes is considered by the top management as the main condition and the basis for profit, stability of the economic status and development of the Society in the interests of consumers, partners, personnel, shareholders and other stakeholders in the production of competitive products and services.

The quality policy is implemented through the following principles:

  • improving the quality management system based on requirements of international standards ISO 9000;
  • process approach by using Risk-based thinking;
  • customer orientation;
  • commitment, directing and supporting the staff in the process of continuous quality improvement;
  • rational use of all resources available;
  • technical re-equipment of production and introduction of modern technologies.

Ukratominstruments Corporation is committed to providing comprehensive and maintenance services for industrial facilities’ systems of guaranteed high quality that comply with the legal and regulatory framework, meet the needs of customers and exceed their expectations.

To provide quality services, the company has the necessary technical, intellectual, financial resources and relies on reliable business partners.

Being a top performer in the instrument-making sphere and demonstrating examples of high work performance culture, Ukratominstruments Corporation contributes to raising the level of production practices in Ukraine.

General Director                                                                                                                                 Petrenko Valerii

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