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Mobile modular protective cell (mmpc)

Modern technical means for management of sealed radioactive sources

Projects “Transport packaging set PKTIB-120N”, “Mobile Modular Protective Cell”, “Mobile Premises” were implemented within the framework of international technical assistance to Ukraine from the Government of France and cooperation with CEA of France.


Mobile Modular Protective Cell (MMPC) is a complicated high-tech engineering device for safe removal of sealed radiation sources (SRS) from the processing units of physical protection of different types and placing them in the protective container from Transport Packaging Set PKTIB-120N for subsequent transportation to the long-term storage (centralized repository of used SRS).



Units of physical protection of sealed radiation sources of “BGI” & “E” types.

MMPC is a modular construction providing the possibility of multiple assembly / disassembly of it, packaging in a special shipping containers and transporting them by any type of transport.


Design of MMPC provides protection of personnel from exposure to radiation from a source inside MMPC and from sources placed in the protective container connected with MMPC.


Mobile Modular Protective Cell (MMPC) (general view)



ensuring and control of the consistency of technological operations;

extraction of SRS from the blocks with special controls (with subsequent placement of radiation sources in a protective container);

visualization of the process of detente and external inspection of extracted IRS using high resolution camera;

automated measurement of radioactivity in the area of the operator;

determination of the type and activity of the isotope;

maintaining a database of sparse sources with fixing IRS numbers, numbers of the protective containers, data on the type and activity of the IRS and other data for the transaction;

load control of protective container.

Transportation of MMPC occurs inside of Mobile Premises (MP). Partial dismantling of MMPC for transportation occurs with a help of specially provided bracket crane (from the composition of Mobile Premises). Components of MMPC prepared for transportation are fixed inside the Mobile Premises.


The operations for loading / unloading to MMPC of the protective container PKTIB-120N and SRS blocks designed for discharge is carried out by a crane located on the platform of Mobile Premises.


MMPC prestarting procedures (loading of the Protective container & SRS block to MMPC)

(MMPC mounted in the Mobile Premises)




CEA (France) & “Ukratominstruments” representatives on the acceptance tests of MMPC

(August, 2013)

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