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Аutomated radiation monitoring arms in chernobyl exclusion zone

Within the TACIS project U4.01/03S in the period from January 2006 to June 2007, “Ukratominstruments” corporation has introduced a new modernized automated radiation monitoring system (ARMS) in Chernobyl exclusion zone.

ARMS fulfils functions of operational radiation monitoring of atmospheric boundary layer and consists of:

  • GammaTRACER sensors with autonomous power supply for measuring EDR of gamma-radiation;
  • SkyLINK system for automatic data collection from EDR sensors via radio-channel;
  • sampling equipment for measuring radioactive aerosols concentration in the air – AURA-02 aeration devices;
  • equipment for monitoring the activity of radioactive iodides, alpha- and beta-active nuclides in the real-time mode (aerosol monitoring post);
  • meteorological station for forecasting  the progress of radiation situation;
  • software for data collection and processing, equipment management, data storage and forecast of the radiation situation;
  • external electronic display for demonstration in Chernobyl of EDR values at the ChEZ posts for ChEZ workers and visitors, crisis center equipment, satellite internet connection.


  • unique SkyLINK wireless communication system with data transmission via independent radio-channel at the distance up to 100 km;
  • GammaTRACER sensors: full autonomy, power supply from built-in batteries for up to 5 years, measurement memory up to 3 years.

Principles that lie in basis of the ARMS development (autonomy, self-descriptiveness, reliability, low operating costs) are of current interest not only for ChEZ, but also when creating other similar territorial and regional systems of radiation ecological monitoring.

System of teledosimetric control for «Shelter» object

Within the framework of the contract SIP05-3-001-15 with SSE «ChNPP» financed by EBRD, in February 2008 “Ukratominstruments” corporation put into operation the System of Teledosimetric Control which provides personnel radiation safety while performing works at the «Shelter» object and constructing the new safe confinement.

System provides:

  • remote dosimetric control (measurement of equivalent dose rate (EDR) and equivalent dose (ED)) in the high radiation fields with the help of MiniTRACE gamma S100 dosimeters (measurement range: 0,01 – 100 mZv/hour);
  • real-time informing of personnel performing radiation-dangerous works about exceeding the EDR and ED threshold levels via acoustic signals of different tonality and displaying measured data on the monitor;
  • real-time informing of personnel that is located at the central post about the EDR value in the places of dosimeter location and warning about exceeding the EDR and ED threshold levels;
  • communication of all dosimeters of the system with a central server via radio channel to transmit real-time measured data to the central server for operational control of the personnel exposure level to prevent overexposure; remote dosimeter diagnostic, early warning of the personnel regarding possible danger;
  • establishment of threshold levels and dosimeter data readout through IR-channel at the central post;
  • analysis of measured data, maintenance of measured data archive.


  • pocket dosimeter with short response time on change of the EDR level, low-power jam-resistant radio channel with working range within the system up to 5 km, non-volatile memory and IR-channel;
  • portable basic station allowing to deploy a network in the open territory;
  • laptop-based data acquisition and processing center (central server);
  • programmed thresholds on EDR and ED level, automatic mode change of data transfer when reaching estimated threshold value;
  • real-time signaling about exceeding the levels on-site and at the central post;
  • self-contained measuring data-base;
  • self-diagnostic system embedded in each unit of equipment.


  • gives possibility of operative administrative decisions making during carrying out of works with the purpose to prevent personnel overexposure;
  • provides the operative centralized control of radiation safety during carrying out of works and integrity of the equipment;
  • allows to conduct analysis and investigation of unclear situations both during and after control performance due to the automatic saving of data of the results of radiation control.

System includes:

  • portable MiniTRACE-gamma S100 dosimeters-radiometers with SkyLINK-type radio transmitter with a capacity of 10 mW, that ensures data transfer at a distance up to 5 km from the ShortLINK receiving base station;
  • ShortLINK receiving base station;
  • software for processing and storage of radiation control results.
  • In the System, the possibility of its extension is provided; that allows (if needed and with specified adjustments) to integrate within the System some additional MiniTRACE dosimeters and other devices in which SkyLINK-type radio transmitter is used.

Dosimetric and radiation monitoring system for «Vector» complex

«Vector» complex of enterprises on radioactive waste management (CE «Vector») is located in Exclusion Zone (hereinafter ChEZ) and is intended for processing and disposition of low- and middle-active long-living radioactive wastes (RW).



In 2008, the creation of system for dosimetric control and radiation monitoring for CE «Vector», whose mission is to monitor the radiation situation on the territory of CE «Vector» for reducing radiation exposure on personnel and protecting environment from RW pollution has begun. The system is based on the newest equipment that will allow operating it for a long time (up to 30 years) by means of replacement or repair of individual components.



RMS provides:


  • Radiation control for all types of radiation in the air, water and soil providing the information both to the personnel – at the place of situation, and to the operator on duty – at the central post;
  • Technological control of the processes running at CE “Vector” during RW management;
  • Radiation monitoring on the territory of CE “Vector” and outside for prohibiting the environmental contamination;
  • Control of RW activity accumulation when placing them to the storage, and database maintenance;
  • Control of radiation accumulation by the personnel and database maintenance;
  • Control of non-proliferation of radioactive contamination by personnel and transport outside the “dirty” zone of CE “Vector”;
  • Dosimetric control system (DCS) for monitoring radiation situation on the territory of CE “Vector” is being created for decreasing the personnel dose stress and for environmental protection from RW influence.




  • automated control of all the types of radiation: alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation, control of the aerosols in the working areas;
  • automated control of emissions to the atmosphere and to water reservoirs, control of ground waters;
  • operational control during RW management inside the buildings, constructions, premises and storages;
  • creation of long-term archive of the RW database at CE “Vector” (up to 300 years) with ensuring information security;
  • forming the database of containers with RW, creation of three-dimensional matrix of containers’ placing inside the storage with ensuring information security;
  • possibility of data transfer to the external authorized users (Chernobyl city, ChEZ administration; Kiev city, State Agency of Exclusion Zone Management, etc.).


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